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starting at just four dollars a month! Most other hosting providers require you to pay yearly at this price/month. But we give you the advantage of starting your site/business at this affordable price on a monthly basis!


WordPress Site/Blog Hosting

We provide hosting for WordPress powered websites and blogs.

WordPress Site/Blog Maintenance

We provide maintainance services for WordPress powered websites and blogs even if your site/blog is not hosted with us!

WordPress Seminar

We provide WordPress Workshops from time to time at a coordinated venue in/around Dallas, TX. The workshop is aimed at netizens who want to maintain their websites or blogs using the Wordpress software. These two-hour seminars focus ( at a beginner to intermediate level ) on ....
  1. Installation of WordPress Software
  2. How to create SEO friendly posts
  3. Creating/adding audio and video content
  4. Site and Database maintenance
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Site Analytics
  7. Live Demos and much more...

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